NUBWAY | What is YOUTH Management System?
NUBWAY | What is YOUTH Management System?

YOUTH Management System is a medical device used for therapeutic purposes in physiotherapy and rehabilitation settings. It utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to generate heat within tissues, providing various therapeutic benefits.Can be managed for shoulders, neck, chest, abdomen, hips, back, waist, hands, legs, etc.



How does YOUTH Management System work?

The 448K working frequency of Fever Master produces three biological effects, namely non-thermal effect, thermothermal effect and hyperthermic effect. It regulates the most appropriate frequency of ion activity inside and outside the cell. It can effectively help ions move across the membrane through the cell membrane channel and restore the cell’s positive and negative ion exchange to normal. Therefore, balancing the positive and negative charges of the cell can enhance the activity of the cell and promote the growth of the cell. Metabolism, blood flow and circulation while improving oxygenation of tissues and cells.

NUBWAY | What is YOUTH Management System?

What are the advantages of YOUTH Management System?

Radiofrequency Technology: These machines utilize RF waves, which are a form of electromagnetic energy, to generate heat within targeted tissues.


Therapeutic Heat: The generated heat helps in increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscles, reducing pain and inflammation, and promoting tissue healing.


Control Panel: The machine usually comes with a control panel that allows the therapist to adjust parameters such as intensity, duration, and frequency of treatment based on the patient’s needs.


Applicators: INDEEPLUS RF Diathermy Machines are equipped with applicators or electrodes that deliver the RF energy to the patient’s body. These applicators come in various shapes and sizes to target different areas of the body.


Treatment Versatility:They can be used for lipid management, endocrine management, body temperature management, pain management, immune management, aging management, etc.


Safety Features: These machines are designed with safety features to ensure patient comfort and prevent any adverse effects.

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