NUBWAY | What is the laser hair removal?
NUBWAY | What is the laser hair removal?


Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light to remove unwanted hair.

Laser therapy is a long-term hair removal method-by permanently destroying hair follicles with a concentrated beam of light energy. preventing them from growing again.

Due to the fact that laser hair removal is a pulsed laser process, Laser hair removal removes small areas -usually on the underarms, legs,upper lip,and bikini area. However,it is possible to complete all of your body hair removal.

How does the laser hair removal work?

In laser hair removal, the light of the laser will attack the pigments in each hair. The heat from the laser propagates downwards along the hair, entering the hair follicles and continuing to damage them. When the laser successfully destroys hair follicles, hair can no longer grow there.

However, It is worth to notice that the hair growth cycle plays an important role in the effectiveness of laser therapy. The hair growth cycle are three natural processes:Anagen(growing phase), Exogen(shedding phase), Telogen (resting phase). Hair fibers only adhere to hair follicles during the growth phase that lasts for two to three weeks.

Any unwanted hair being targeted by the laser will need to be in the growing phase in order to get ideal results, when it is darkest and is still adhered to the root. It cannot target hair in resting and shedding because the light cannot reach the root at this point.

Since each individual hair is at different point of the cycle, Most people need somewhere between two and eight laser sessions or even more than three months to completely remove hair from an area. But you will definitely notice the results after the first session.

NUBWAY | What is the laser hair removal?

Is laser hair removal permanent?

One of the most popular advantages of underarm laser hair removal is that it can permanently remove unwanted hair.

That’s true:Laser hair removal is permanent.

However, it does not only happen in one treatment. laser can slow down the growth of hair, making it lighter each time until it no longer grows.

it doesn’t permanently remove all hair at once, sometimes, hair will regrow after one or two attempts.

The first reason is in the growing phase. Laser cannot target hair that is in the shedding and resting stages, so these hair will regrow.

Another reason is that your hair color and skin tone are relatively low. Laser may only damage hair follicles, but it will not destroy them. So they are likely to grow back, although lighter and less noticeable.

Another factor for the success of laser therapy is the technician’s skills.

However, if hair grows again, it can be treated again every four to six weeks until the laser destroys it.

So, if you want to permanently remove unwanted body hair, laser hair removal is sufficient. However, please remember that this will require several sessions to completely destroy all hair follicles.

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