NUBWAY | what is Roller Slimming Machine?
NUBWAY | what is Roller Slimming Machine?

what is Roller Slimming Machine


Spheresculpt Therapy produces a vibration and pressure combination that performs in effect gives the skin a ‘workout’. This generates the drainage of fluids, the re-com pacting of skin tissues, the removal of the “orange peel” effect from under the skin’s surface. It also helps microcirculation which can help reduce inflammation and improve

in muscle tone.It helps improve vascularisation which in turn supports the production of collagen and elastin. It increases oxygen delivery to help nourish and brighten tissue from within. It tones the muscles helping reduce eliminate the appearance of expression wrinkles, combat tissue sagging, and generally lift the complexion and facial structure.



What are the advantages of Spheresculpt Therapy Machine?



The maniple roller consists of 11 rows with 5 balls in each, 55 balls in total. Thespheres are made of hypoallergenic silicone, which is approved for use in the foodand medical industry


Fast & Effective

Visible results after first visit. Skin quality improvement. Fat reduction up to 2clothing sizes


Three kinds of spheres

Three kinds of spheres of different materials can be easily applied to differenttreatment items


Noise Level

Wwith noise level less than 49 dB working on the maximum speed, treatment is more com一fortable for both, client and specialist.


Maniple Design

The treatment is Smooth and soft impact and leaves no bruises and leaves no bruises. Nospecial clothing is needed.



With ideal weight of 2,350 g there is no need to apply additional pressure to the manipleduring the treatment.

NUBWAY | what is Roller Slimming Machine?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Spheresculpt Therapy Machine?

Spheresculpt Therapy is a leading brand in the field of beauty and skincare, offering innovative solutions such as the Body Roller Machine. This cutting-edge device provides a multitude of benefits for those seeking to enhance their beauty regimen. utilizes Spheresculpt technology to target specific areas of the body, promoting circulation, firmness, and overall skin health. The machine’s ergonomically designed rollers work to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin, increasing collagen production and reducing the appearance of cellulite. With regular use, users can experience improved lymphatic drainage, leading to a detoxified and toned silhouette. Additionally, the Spheresculpt Therapy Machine boasts adjustable settings, allowing users to customize their treatment according to their personal preferences and needs. Whether you’re aiming to tighten your skin, reduce the visibility of fine lines, or simply achieve a radiant and healthy glow, the Spheresculpt Therapy Machine is an essential addition to any skincare routine. Experience the transformative benefits of this advanced technology, and embrace a more confident and rejuvenated version of yourself.

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