NUBWAY | What is picosecond laser good for?
NUBWAY | What is picosecond laser good for?

A Picosecond laser is a new development that emits pulses even shorter pulse duration of trillionth of a second.these lasers are mainly used in dermatology because they can effectively target and decompose pigmentation in the skin, including tattoo ink particles.

Indication for Picosecond laser:

Tattoo removal: picosecond lasers are very effective in the removing tattoos, especially those with blue and green pigments that are difficult remove with other types of lasers.

Treating Hyperpigmentation: Some of the more common types of pigmentation include the following- Melasma、Naevus of Ota and Ito、MiNocycline. The pigmentation and sun pigmentation induced by these skin types.

Skin rejuvenation and Resurfacing: Some picosecond laser treatments are characterized by promoting tissue remodeling that restore your skin from acne scars, photoaging(sun damaged) wrinkles.

Mechanism of actions:

The working principle of a picosecond laser is to emits extremely short pulses, causing a phenomenon called photoacoustic effect, rather than photothermal damage. It means that they transmit energy in such a fast and concenterated manner that they produce shockwave like effects within target pigment cells or tattoo ink particles. This method can minimize damage to surrounding tissues and effectively decompose pigments or ink for removal.

Above all, picosecond laser technology advancements presents the opportunity to improve nearly every skin concern in dermatology, providing more therapeutic choices and improved clinical results for tattoo removal, pigmentation disorders, and skin rejuvenation, with minimal risk to surrounding tissues, especially for the patients with lighter skin tones.

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