NUBWAY | What is an 808 laser?
NUBWAY | What is an 808 laser?

The Diode 808 laser is the gold standard for permanent hair removal for all pigmented hair and skin types!


The 808nm near infrared laser absorbs melanin optimally and is very effective on different parts of the skin and hair follicles, making it easy to remove any hair with long-lasting results. Suitable for all skin types

The technology behind the diode 808 laser ensures that the skin absorbs less laser light and reduces the risk of hyper pigmentation.

The Sapphire Touch cooling system ensures safer and painless treatment.


How does the Diode 808 Laser Hair Removal work?

Utilizing selective light absorption, the Diode 808 laser is preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair. The light energy is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted into heat energy with the least amount of energy transferred to the skin. This will preferentially heat the hair and its DNA while reducing the oxygen tissue around the follicle, reducing the chances of hair regrowth. Special cooling technology is applied simultaneously during the treatment to cool the skin and protect it.


The Diode 808 laser permanently reduces hair on all skin types, including very fair skin and olive or African American skin. Treatment is most effective on medium to dark hair of any skin color. Fine, light hair is difficult to treat. Blonde, red, white and gray hair cannot be treated


Are Diode 808 laser hair removal treatments painful?

When the laser penetrates the hair follicle, most patients feel a warm tingling sensation. Many describe the sensation as the snap of a rubber band against the skin. To minimize discomfort, topical anesthesia and cold gel are applied to the skin before treatment.


How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?

When hair follicles are in the active growth phase, laser treatments can impair their ability to grow. Not all follicles are active at the same time and several treatments every few weeks may be required to achieve the desired results. The number of treatments needed to achieve hair loss varies. Most patients experience a significant reduction in hair growth after four to six treatments. In addition, other factors such as hair density, age and hormones can affect the outcome of your treatment. To be fair, you will need at least 4 treatments spaced one month apart for optimal results.


Diode 808 Laser Hair Removal Treatment Risks


There is a risk of hyperpigmentation with any laser if you expose the treated area to the sun. The Bali island sunshine is so strong that you must apply sunscreen with an SPF of 40+ daily to all areas that have been exposed to the sun.And stay out of the sun, cover your skin. We are not responsible for any problems with hyperpigmentation which is due to exposure to the sun and not due to our lasers.

Dark and tanned skin is best avoided with laser treatments.

Just one session does not guarantee that your skin problems will be resolved. You will usually need about 4-6 sessions depending on the particular skin problem and the level of resistance to laser treatment.

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