NUBWAY | What Does the Vacuum on a Cavitation Machine Do?
NUBWAY | What Does the Vacuum on a Cavitation Machine Do?

What Does the Vacuum on a Cavitation Machine Do?


In the field of cosmetology, the Vacuum Cavitation Machine, as a kind of multi-functional and efficient cosmetology equipment, is favored by more and more people. Among them, vacuum technology plays an indispensable role as an important part of this equipment. So, what role does the vacuum play in the vacuum cavitation machine? This article will be discussed in depth from several aspects.



The principle and mechanism of vacuum technology

Vacuum technology, as the name suggests, is through the creation of a certain negative pressure environment, the use of air pressure difference to achieve a specific function of the technology. In the vacuum cavitation machine, vacuum technology is mainly used to transfer local fat or liquid to the lymphatic system through suction, thus realizing the effect of discharging adipose tissue and eliminating cellulite and orange peel skin. The core of this principle lies in the fact that by creating a local negative pressure environment, the liquid and metabolic wastes within the fat cells are prompted to be discharged from the body along with the lymphatic fluid, so as to achieve the purpose of cosmetic contouring.

NUBWAY | What Does the Vacuum on a Cavitation Machine Do?


The role of vacuum in fat metabolism

Fat is an important part of the human body, but excessive fat accumulation not only affects the aesthetic appearance, but also may pose a potential threat to health. Vacuum technology in vacuum cavitation machines, through the suction effect, can effectively promote fat metabolism, and accelerate fat decomposition and discharge. In this process, the vacuum action can stimulate the movement of fat cells, causing them to accelerate the release of contained fatty acids and glycerol, which are subsequently metabolized by the body, thus reducing the accumulation of fat in the body.

In addition, the vacuum action also promotes lymphatic circulation and accelerates the flow of lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system is one of the body’s key detoxification systems, which is responsible for removing waste and excess fluid produced by cellular metabolism from the body. Through the suction effect of the vacuum, the lymphatic circulation is strengthened, which helps to discharge the waste and excess liquid produced by fat metabolism out of the body promptly, further promoting fat metabolism.



Vacuum’s enhancement of skin firmness

In addition to promoting fat metabolism, vacuum technology can also effectively enhance the firmness of the skin. With age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, and problems such as slackness and wrinkles appear. The vacuum action in a vacuum cavitation machine gradually restores skin firmness and elasticity by stimulating the regeneration and restructuring of collagen and elastin fibers in the deeper layers of the skin.

Specifically, the suction action of the vacuum stimulates the fibroblasts in the deeper layers of the skin, prompting them to secrete more collagen and elastic fibers. These substances are key to the skin’s elasticity and firmness, and their increase helps to improve skin laxity and make the skin firmer and more elastic.

At the same time, the vacuum action also increases blood circulation to the top layers of the skin, speeding up metabolism. Improved blood circulation helps to provide more nutrients and oxygen to the skin, promoting skin cell regeneration and repair. The acceleration of metabolism will help the skin surface of the aging cells and waste discharged from the body on time, so that the skin is smoother and more delicate.



The vacuum on the lymphatic detoxification promotion

The lymphatic system is one of the important detoxification systems of the human body, which is responsible for draining waste and excess fluid from the body. However, due to the accelerated pace of modern life, environmental pollution and other reasons, the lymphatic system is often under greater pressure and is prone to poor detoxification. The vacuum technology in the vacuum cavitation machine can effectively promote lymphatic detoxification through the suction effect.

Under the suction effect of the vacuum, lymphatic circulation is enhanced and the flow of lymphatic fluid is accelerated. This helps to discharge waste and excess fluid from the body on time, reducing the burden on the lymphatic system. At the same time, the vacuum effect can also stimulate the contraction and expansion of lymphatic vessel walls, enhance the peristaltic function of lymphatic vessels, and further improve the efficiency of lymphatic drainage.

NUBWAY | What Does the Vacuum on a Cavitation Machine Do?


Safety and comfort of vacuum technology

It is worth mentioning that the vacuum technology in vacuum cavitation machines has high safety and comfort. During operation, the equipment will carry out personalized treatment settings according to individual skin conditions and needs to ensure the safety and comfort of the treatment process. At the same time, the strength and frequency of the vacuum action can also be adjusted according to individual feelings, making the treatment process more comfortable and pleasant.

In addition, vacuum technology also has the advantages of non-invasiveness and no side effects. Compared to traditional cosmetic methods, such as surgery and injections, vacuum cavitation do not require any trauma to the skin, so there is no need to worry about infections, scars and other problems. At the same time, the vacuum action will not cause any side effects on the skin, such as redness, swelling, allergies, etc., so it can be used with confidence.



The application prospects of vacuum cavitation machine

As people’s pursuit of beauty continues to improve, the beauty industry is also growing. As an efficient, safe and comfortable beauty equipment, the vacuum cavitation machine has a broad application prospect. In the future, with the continuous progress and innovation of technology, vacuum cavitation machine is expected to play a more important role in the field of beauty, bringing beauty and confidence to more people.

Nubway’s Vacuum Cavitation Machine is a comprehensive beauty equipment that integrates ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, infrared and vacuum technologies. Through precise control and adjustment, it can target different levels of skin tissues to achieve multiple effects such as fat reduction, contouring and skin tightening. Among them, vacuum technology plays an indispensable role as an important part of the machine. Feel free to ask us about our Vacuum Cavitation Machine products.




To sum up, the vacuum technology in the Vacuum Cavitation Machine plays an important role in promoting fat metabolism, enhancing skin firmness and promoting lymphatic drainage. At the same time, its high safety, comfort and non-invasiveness make it a popular choice in the beauty industry. It is believed that in the future, vacuum cavitation machines will continue to bring more innovations and breakthroughs to the beauty industry.


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