NUBWAY | Does diode laser hair removal work? ——The treatment characteristics and handle introduction of laser hair removal
NUBWAY | Does diode laser hair removal work? ——The treatment characteristics and handle introduction of laser hair removal

Does Diode Laser Hair Removal Work? –The Treatment Characteristics and Handle Introduction of Laser Hair Removal



Over the recent years, laser hair removal technology has progressively garnered consumer favor and attained a prominent standing within the domain of cosmetology. The preferential stature it bears can be attributed to its four key treatment attributes: comfort, efficacy, speed, and safety.



The treatment characteristics of Laser Hair Removal


Comfortable experience

The enhanced comfort experienced during laser hair removal procedures is the result of sophisticated equipment design and innovative temperature control technology. The handheld device utilized in these treatments contains a unique built-in temperature sensing system which, coupled with precision-controlled software and potent refrigeration methodology, can maintain an impressively low temperature of -30℃ at the handle’s surface. This feature not only optimizes user comfort throughout the treatment process but also guarantees a fully painless experience. As such, this ensures that even clients who might typically have concerns due to skin sensitivity or fear of discomfort can confidently undertake these hair removal procedures with complete assurance of their well-being.

Efficient hair removal

Laser hair removal stands out due to its high efficiency – a core attribute of the procedure. This efficacy is made possible by an optimal blend of machine power at 3000W coupled with formidable handheld instruments, together delivering a robust energy output for hair removal. While conventional machines necessitate using 6-8 bar cycles to successfully treat unwanted hair, laser technology dramatically reduces this number down to only 3-5 such sessions to achieve the quintessential result. The consequential minimized treatment duration profoundly escalates the overall efficiency in comparison.

Fast treatment

The sliding treatment mode and high energy short pulse width output mode of laser hair removal shorten the treatment time greatly. 10Hz (or higher to 20Hz) sliding treatment frequency ensures the treatment process is fast and smooth, saving valuable time for customers.

Safety guarantee

The laser hair removal equipment has passed ISO13485 system certification, TUV medical CE certification and U.S. FDA certification, these three major certifications provide a strong guarantee for the safety and effectiveness of the equipment. During the treatment process, the equipment can precisely control the laser energy and depth to avoid damage to the surrounding skin tissue, ensuring the safety of the treatment.

NUBWAY | Does diode laser hair removal work? ——The treatment characteristics and handle introduction of laser hair removal

The laser hair removal handle introduction


As a key component in the treatment process, the design and performance of laser hair removal handles are equally important.

Intelligent screen display

The handle adopts a 1.54-inch OLED capacitive screen with a resolution of up to 240*240, clearly displaying treatment parameters and status. Through communication with the host, users can adjust the energy, pulse width and frequency directly on the handle, easy and intuitive operation. In addition, the handle screen also adds a temperature display function, and real-time monitoring of the temperature of the lamp port to ensure temperature control during treatment.

Diversified Spot Options

The handle is equipped with a variety of spot sizes, including 1212, 1220, 1224 and 1228, to meet the different parts and different needs of hair removal treatment. Different power handle is standardized with different light spots, such as the 500W handle is standardized with 1212 light spots, the 1000W handle is standardized with 1220 light spots, etc., and can also be flexibly adjusted according to the actual needs.

Specialized facial treatment head

The handle is also equipped with a specialized facial treatment head for the hair removal of small facial parts such as nose hair, ear hair, hairline, etc. This design makes it possible for the laser to remove hair on the face. This design makes laser hair removal more precise and convenient for the treatment of small facial areas, and also avoids the discomfort and damage that may be caused by traditional hair removal methods.

Comfortable and durable design

The handle shell adopts adhesive technology, which not only increases the comfort of hand feeling, but also makes the handle more durable. The handle button adopts Japan imported OMRON waterproof button switch, with a service life of more than 1 million times, even in the case of condensation drops can also work normally, ensuring the continuity and stability of treatment.

High-frequency light output

The 1800W handle supports 20 times per second light output, this high-frequency output not only greatly improves the treatment efficiency, but also makes the hair removal effect more significant and long-lasting.



Applicable People and Precautions for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is suitable for people of many skin types and different age groups, especially those who wish to effectively remove unwanted hair and improve the appearance of their skin. However, before undergoing laser hair removal treatment, clients need to understand and follow some precautions. Firstly, one should ensure that the individual is in stable health and free from serious skin diseases or infections. Secondly, they should avoid using irritating cosmetics or medications before the treatment so as not to affect the treatment effect. In addition, customers should maintain good living habits and avoid direct sunlight and strenuous exercise during the treatment period to promote skin recovery and maintenance.



The future development of laser hair removal technology

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous prosperity of the beauty market, laser hair removal technology is also constantly innovating and developing. In the future, we can look forward to the introduction of more intelligent and precise laser hair removal equipment to provide customers with a more comfortable, efficient and safe treatment experience. At the same time, the research on different skin types and different hair removal needs will also be more in-depth to meet the personalized needs of more customers.




In summary, laser hair removal has become a major highlight in the modern cosmetic field with its comfortable, effective, fast and safe treatment characteristics and advanced handle design. Both in terms of treatment results and customer experience, laser hair removal has demonstrated its unique advantages. As a result, laser hair removal is certainly an option worth considering for clients who wish to improve the appearance of their skin and remove unwanted hair. Of course, when choosing laser hair removal treatment, customers should also choose regular medical institutions and experienced doctors to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.



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