Infrared RF Vacuum Rolling Slimming Machine helps you lose fat


Infrared RF Vacuum Rolling Slimming Machine is a multi-functional fat reduction and shaping instrument. It not only combines the five most popular weight loss technologies in the society, radio frequency, vacuum negative pressure, infrared laser, mechanical roller, and ultrasound, it can eliminate body fat in an all-round way. For stubborn fat, it is also equipped with four handles for different purposes, which is enough to meet the treatment needs of various parts of the customer’s body.

Infrared RF Vacuum Rolling Slimming Machine helps you lose fat

Infrared RF Vacuum Rolling Slimming Machine covers almost all parts of the body, and it is not limited to weight loss and shaping, but can also be used for postpartum body repair, etc. The following is the specific treatment range:

1. Firming and wrinkle removal on the neck, face, and corners of the eyes, removing dark circles, improving eye lines, bags under the eyes, etc.

2. Effectively target whole body obesity, partial obesity, wrinkle removal, fat melting, skin firming and body shaping, such as arms, legs, shoulders, waist, abdomen, buttocks.

3. Postpartum repair.

4. Improve cellulite-like tissue and reshape body shape.

5. Repair stretch marks, improve stretch marks to varying degrees.

6. Relieve muscle pain, body therapy, etc.

After the treatment, customers not only need to pay attention to the temporary congestion and redness in the treatment area of the body, which will disappear automatically after several hours, so there is no need to worry too much. It is also necessary to strengthen moisturizing and protection of the treatment area. It is forbidden to use cold water to clean the operation part except the face within 8 hours after the treatment is completed.

In addition, because the instrument system can promote the metabolism of fat tissue, the fat cells are dissolved and absorbed by the lymphatic system. After a comfortable and complete treatment, the treated person will find that the urine output of the day increases, and there is no need to worry about this problem,which is normal.

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