NUBWAY | How long does it take to see the results of VelaShape?
NUBWAY | How long does it take to see the results of VelaShape?

Hormones, age, lifestyle, diet, and genetics all contribute to fat and cellulite. Once cellulite is formed, it is very difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, no matter how well a diet or how much they exercise, they just cannot tone and sculpt their body or reduce cellulite. Fortunately, there are several body contouring options in addition to cellulite treatments. At PearlMD Rejuvenation Center in Toronto, Ontario, we offer VelaShape to help with body contouring and cellulite treatments.

The time required to see this treatment effect varies depend on person. Some people may start to notice a small improvement in the treated area shortly after treatment.However,we can notice the best therapy result around 10 weeks and dramatic results at four to six weeks.To reach it, we always suggest that keep more than three sessions therapy.Sometimes it is possible to participate in one longer treatment session within three shorter sessions to achieve the same results.
What is VelaShape?

This treatment is non-invasive, tightens the skin, and can contour the body. It combines infrared laser technology, bipolar radio frequency technology, pulsed vacuum technology, and massage rollers to reduce fat and contour the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. This system is FDA-approved and can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and the circumference of the thighs and abdomen. In one treatment or a series of three treatments, people can achieve well-proportioned bodies. This system can reduce any spots that diet and exercise can’t help.It can also combine with liposuction, a tummy tuck, or other body contouring procedures to help reduce the cellulite.

How does Velashape work?
During this procedure, cellulite, surrounding connective organization , collagen beneath the skin and elastin are heated by infrared and bipolar radio frequencies. It will simulate the growth of new and better collagen and elastin, reducing the skin sagging, body volume and improves the structure, texture, firmness, and elasticity of skin. Deeper layers of the skin are operated by infrared laser technology and bipolar radio frequency technology, while shallow skin are operate by vacuum technology and rollers.this can increase blood flow with the specific area, and stimulate the new collage and elastin,and help tighten the skin.

NUBWAY | How long does it take to see the results of VelaShape?

How does the treatment feel?
This treatment is not painful,some people even can experience a warming sensation as a deeper tissue massage, it can called a pleasant experience.
The session will take from 20 minutes to 2 hours,it depends on the person and therapy area.

It this treatment effective?
Yes, it is a effective therapy method. Many people have reduced the circumference of abdomen,hips,waist and thighs successfully. In clinical trials, some reduce the circumference of abdomen, hips and thighs within the three months during the session. In another study, women who had just had children and were looking for reduce cellulite and sagging skin are found noticeable effect on the skin laxity and circumference which reduce nearly 0.2 inches.

Who is a good candidate for VelaShape?

This treatment was created to help reduce cellulite and contour the body. Those people who need a chiseled body can benefits most from the therapy. it is important to remember that velashape is not intended for weight loss treatment, yet some people may lose weight after contours the body, reduce circumferential mass and cellulite. The best candidate for this therapy system need to have a body mass index of less than 30,and meet the stage one and two in the table of Nurnberger-Muller cellulite classification.
On the stage one, those people who standing or lying down will not have dimples, but will have an “orange peel” appearance on the press test.
Those in stage 2 will have “orange peel”-like dimples when standing, but not when lying down.

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