Does diode laser hair removal work? ——Explore the origin of hair


Hair is the last barrier of the human body, and its amount is closely related to genetic factors and male hormones.

Generally speaking, the harm of removing body hair is not great, because the function of hair protection is not outstanding, and it can be replaced by clothing. As for functions such as heat dissipation and secretion, they are mainly auxiliary. In fact, the pores play the fundamental role. As long as the pores function normally, even if there is no hair, it will not affect the secretion of sebaceous glands and heat dissipation.

Does diode laser hair removal work? ——Explore the origin of hair


Human hair is evolved from the ectoderm of the embryo, originating from the primitive epithelial germ (also called hair germ), which grows and differentiates to form lanugo.

Lanugo first appears on the hair and face in the 4th month of the fetus, and then spreads all over the body in the late pregnancy. Some time after birth, lanugo is replaced by vellus and terminal hair. No new hair follicles are formed after birth.

Hair grows from the hair follicle, and both the hair follicle and the hair are differentiated from the hair matrix cells in the lower part of the hair bulb. The hair follicle is like a long and thin pocket, the opening is close to the surface of the skin, and the bottom goes deep into the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer. Hair follicles are divided into inner and outer hair root sheaths and connective tissue sheaths from inside to outside. The inner and outer hair root sheaths originate from the epidermis, and the connective tissue sheaths originate from the dermis. The part of the hair exposed to the skin surface is called the hair shaft, and the inside of the hair follicle is called the hair root. The lower end of the hair root swells like an onion and is called a hair bulb, and the base of the hair bulb is inwardly depressed as a hair papilla. The part of the lower layer of the hair bulb opposite the dermal papilla is the hair matrix, which is the growth area of hair and hair follicles, in which there are melanocytes. There are rich blood vessels and nerves in the dermal papilla to supply nutrition and growth of hair.

Does diode laser hair removal work? ——Explore the origin of hair

Knowing the nature of human body hair, what is the relationship between the hair growth cycle and hair removal? Continue to pay attention, the next issue will reveal the answer!

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