NUBWAY | what is endosphere therapy?
NUBWAY | what is endosphere therapy?

Endosphere therapy is a non-invasive body care, using the low frequency sound wave to generate control of the mechanical stresses,permeating deeply to the skin layer of target area,to reduce the orange peel tissue and tighten the skin.


How does the endosphere therapy works?

It combines the microvibration and micocompression techniques to obtain the notable effect.

Treatment equipment using 55 rotation sphere generate pulse rhythm action in the target section of leg, arm and stomachache. This pulse action can resolve cellulite to the fiber cell, accelerating the lymphatic drainage, in that reduce the orange peel tissue and tighten skin.

Each time for therapy depends on the quantity and size of treatment area, normally last 30-60 minutes.

The advantage of endosphere therapy:why we choose this treatment?

Endosphere therapy is a very effective and safe treatment that suitable for those people who are seeking for solve stubborn cellulite tissue and tighten skin.

This innovation treatment provides lots of advantages, including reducing the orange peel tissue、improving lymphatic drainage and circulation、shaping muscle and relief of the pain and inflammation.

The more details for the each function:

Reduce the organization of orange peel: endosphere therapy dissolve the fiber cell in the stubborn cellulite,expelling them from the body naturally, and reduce the appearance of orange peel notably.


Improve lymphatic drainage and circulation: endosphere therapy using the low frequency sound wave can help to improve the lymphatic drainage and circulation, make skin looks more younger and dynamic.


Shape muscle: endosphere therapy are helpful to strength the potential muscle, improve the whole appearance of body.


Relief of the pain and inflammation: low frequency sound wave generated the mechanical stress can provide relief for the people whose suffer from chronic pain and inflammation in extent.


Safety: endosphere therapy obtained the allow of FDA, making people realizes the safety and effective of the treatment.


Innovation technology: endosphere therapy use the innovative compression microvibration technology equipment that the only one in the world, providing the specific individual treatment, helping to shape body, tighten and smooth the orange peel tissue and skin.


The therapy method accurately targets to the orange peel tissue and skin relaxation ,it is the best choice for those people who are looking for the non-invasive body care.



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