Does diode laser hair removal work? ——Precautions for treatment


one. Daily maintenance before and after treatment

1. Do not wash the treatment area with hot water on the same day, clean it with warm or cold water.

2. Avoid going to high temperature places (hot springs, saunas) within a week, and try not to rub the treatment area.

3. Try to eat as light as possible within a week, avoid spicy, seafood, irritating food, and photosensitive food.

4. After treatment, do not use functional skin care products, but use moisturizing and repairing products.

5. Be sure to pay attention to sun protection on the exposed parts.

Does diode laser hair removal work? ——Precautions for treatment

6. If the operation site is particularly red after treatment, apply ice compresses in time to reduce the redness.

7. Do not use other methods to remove hair while using laser hair removal.


two. taboo crowd

1. Pregnancy;

Does diode laser hair removal work? ——Precautions for treatment

2. Those who have been exposed to sunlight within two weeks;

3. There are open wounds and infected wounds in the operation area;

4. Those who have recently taken photosensitizing drugs or are allergic to photosensitivity;

5. Severe scar constitution (hypertrophic scar constitution);

6. It is forbidden to operate the upper eyelids and lips;

7. Suffering from skin diseases (psoriasis, vitiligo, etc.);

8. People who are in the period of allergies;

9. Patients with epilepsy, severe heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure;

10. Those who use functional products need to stop using it for one month before operating, and functional products cannot be used during treatment.

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