Does cryolipolysis technology really work?


Obesity is everyone’s nightmare. Everyone is afraid of getting fat, but there are a lot of people can not control the diet, can not strengthen the exercise. There are many hazards of obesity, such as affecting their own beauty and temperament, causing a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, causing sub-health and other problems.

The main reason for obesity is because intake is greater than metabolic amount. When the fat storage in the human body is most obviously more than the normal general average amount, the weight increases, and causes the abnormal changes of the body metabolism, physiology and biochemistry. This is obesity.

Does cryolipolysis really work?

There are many ways to lose weight, but most of these methods are to reduce the size of fat cells. The popular cryolipolysis technology on the market is the only weight loss technology that can effectively reduce the number of fat cells.

Does cryolipolysis really work?

Does cryolipolysis technology really work? The answer is yes. According to clinical research data, using a cryolipolysis slimming machine will reduce the fat layer by an average of 22.4%. After two to four months of the first session, your physician will schedule a follow-up appointment with you to assess your body contouring progress and consider whether to have another cryolipolysis session, which can result in a total fat loss of no less than 40% in the same area if the same area receives two sessions. The final figure will vary depending on the individual.

Does cryolipolysis really work?


After the treatment, as long as the healer maintains a healthy diet and appropriate exercise, the effect of cryolipolysis can be maintained for a long time.

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